Aignep has recently joined mechatronics. The Italian company, specialized in pneumatics since many years, launched a new modular solenoid valve: 15V series. The new arrival in Aignep is modular and very compact, it also guarantees high performances. “This new series is completely new in our range – says Graziano Bugatti, managing director of Aignep –. It represent the achievement of a project, where we combined both pneumatics and mechatronics solutions. This will be the first of several products that will come to satisfy the demand of the market in this field”. In order to underline the importance of this project, Aignep has dedicated a specific catalogue to the 15V series.

The new modular solenoid valve it’s characterized by the reaction time and by the easy communication with the control machine, both PLC and CNC. At the moment the 15V has two protocols available: Profibus and 37 Pin connection. As a second step the range will be upgraded  with two new protocols: Profinet and EtherNet/IP.


Modular and compact

The modular solenoid valve 15V series it’s characterized by high performances, compactness and modularity. Every solenoid valve has a specific thickness of 15mm, the size is the same for both monostable and bistable and it’s possible to connect up to 32 solenoids. It can perform a flow rate of 830Ml/min.

The body of the 15V is made by aluminium; module’s body is made by reinforced technopolymer and the spool is made by nickel-plated aluminium. Pistons and seals are made by elastomer, sprigs are made by stainless steel AISI 302. 

There are many accessories available. One of those accessories is the intermediate pneumatic supply that allows the user to count on the 15V not only for pressure application, but also for vacuum applications. Every pilot is placed in the same side of the valve where there also the push buttons are located, this way is possible to active them manually. The standard bases of the valves are single, they incorporate the push-in fittings to optimize the space. The activity of every valve it’s shown by its led signal, on the top of the body. The protection degree is IP67.

The way of installation and the entry in service are thought to be quick and flexible: that is why it is possible to purchase both assembled valves or spare components to mount the 15V modular solenoid valve.

Aignep joins mechatronics thanks to the modular solenoid valve 15V!

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