Easypass is designed to simplify and speed up biodecontamination and between-class material transfer. This powerful and revolutionary system allows to:

  • perform optimised and pre-validated biodecontamination cycles to transfer materials between areas with different contamination classes
  • grant material cleanliness grade during transferring thanks to the laminar flow available in the chamber
  • move the trolley around the working areas easily and without power supply connection thanks to the on-board battery
  • perform fast docking with Grade A/B cleanrooms through the interaction between the trolley and its wall interface.

Completely made in AISI 316 stainless steel, Easypass is ideal for aseptic production pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and all other industries requiring a multipurpose system:

  • effective in eliminating the risk of microbiological and particle contamination of the transported material
  • simple and fast to install as it does not require complex work and reduces the time of inactivity and plant downtime.

Easypass: laminar flow trolley with VHP generator on-board and a fast-docking interface for cleanroo

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