V-Phase hydrogen peroxide biodecontamination solutions by Amira

A comprehensive range of patented solutions for a full V-PHP bio-decontamination in environments sensitive to microbiological contamination.

  • Bioreset® Smart – can be used directly inside the environment to treat and equipped with a trolley with built-in balance to easily move it in different areas
  • Bioreset® Plus - can be used either inside or outside the environment to treat
  • Bioreset® Pro – built-in generator for the bio-decontamination of process equipment
  • Bioreset® Pro-V – V-PHP generator integrated in the equipment for cycles in vacuum or pressure
  • Bioreset® Max – the ideal solution also for unclassified environment

All Bioreset® generators use V-PHP technology, which has been used for many years mainly in classified environments at high risk for biological contamination to reach 6 Log reduction on all exposed surfaces. Using hydrogen peroxide in vapour form (V-PHP - Vapour-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide), this technology allows to eliminate a wide spectrum of microorganisms quickly and effectively.

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