For IBCs in HDPE / Aluminium and in Stainless Steel 
Required a lower discharge valve from 1.5″ to 3″ on the containers to be washed.
Washing in CLOSED or OPEN loop 
3 possible cycle duration: Eco – Standard – Long.
Average cycle time: 3 to 5 minutes (excluding loading and unloading)
Frame in stainless steel, galvanized steel or epoxy-painted steel, with tilting platform and with grated basin for waste water collection.
Ready for combination with EWEC or EWEC2 for drum washing.

Models /SX (ATEX certificates)
SOLVENT WASHING in CLOSED LOOP (washing and rinsing)
washing pressure / flow rate / pump motor
40 bar / 30 lit/min / 5,5 kW 
40 bar / 60 lit/min / 7,5 kW

OPTIONAL for S versions
Cycle with solvent vapor containment (in closed cabin)

Models / AX (IP55)
WATER/WATER+DETERGENTS WASHING in CLOSED LOOP (prewashing, washing and rinsing)
washing pressure / flow rate / pump motor
250 bar / 37 lit/min / 18,5 kW 
400 bar / 45 lit/min / 37 kW

OPTIONAL for A versions
Possibility of using hot water up to 40° (max 400 bar) and 70° (max 250 bar) with insulated tanks.
Washing with detergent
Washing with sanitizing
Blowing (with external station or with an onboard-blowing system)
External washing of the containers (with external station).
Washing of conical trunk containers with valve on the bottom (in a closed cabin in 4 phases – washing, washing, washing of the bottom and rinsing valve)
IBC drying (with additional unit)
Test for micro-cracks check of IBCs in HDPE (with additional external unit)

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