Automatic multifunctional group for the production of long pasta and ravioli already separated, stuffed with of meat, fish, vegetables and cheese soft fillings in different sizes and shapes(squares, rounds, half-round, triangles, hexagons, fishes, flowers, hearts, mushrooms, stars, etc).

The machine consists of:

  • Automatic pasta sheeter with a tank with mixing capacity up to 22 kg with removable shaft and independent engine; an automatic rolling unit width 16 cm made of stainless steel rollers with a special profile capable of laminating 1.6 kg per minute sheet. Calibrators with the right size for professional rolling that allows to work the dough without any stress, avoiding the consequent heating and guaranteeing a sheet of pasta with the ideal organoleptic qualities. All the mechanical parts and bearings are spaced to facilitate cleaning and avoid any kind of contamination of the laminated dough and they are free of lubrication and maintenance. Independent motoring allows rolling of pasta on rolling pins even while fresh or stuffed pasta is being produced, allowing you to not stop the production cycle. The motorized conveyor belt automatically rolls the sheet and sets the size of the single roll.
  • a double-sheet ravioli machine cm 16 wide with ø mm 55 calibrating rollers assembled on lubricated bearings, the amount of filling can be adjusted during the machining process, fast mold insertion allows the replacement of the shape in few seconds allowing the extremely flexible use of the ravioli machine which is particularly suitable for the production of various shapes  in the same production cycle. An innovative forming system has been adopted on over 60 molds for ravioli. To achieve a perfect sealing of the ravioli sheets, and thus avoid leaking the filling during cooking, an efficient closing method was applied. During the ravioli molding, a special relief system around the filling seat performs an effective expulsion of the filling between the edge of the sheets ensuring a proper sealing.
  • an automatic pasta cutter which automatically produces at the desired size and length lasagna sheets, noodles, tagliatelle, angel hair, pappardelle, and guitar spaghetti. This equipment allows you to accurately determine the thickness, the length and the width of the cut, the pasta cutter molds are interchangeable in a few seconds.

Optional: flour duster

Optional: second mixing tank 22 kg

pasta and ravioli maker model Komby160

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