CW90X is a scale designed for use in contact with food and is fully compliant to the hygiene requirements recognized by NSF. Its stainless-steel costruction and the IP69K protection rating allow for the complete sanitation of the scale by using high-temperature/high-pressure water jets. The weight indicator offers unique features, such as the no mechanical wear and tear piezoelectric keypad, designed to last over time, even in the harshest environments.


  • NSF certified product for food environments
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction and indicator (AISI 316 upon request)
  • IP69K protection rating which allows the scale to be thoroughly sanitized by using high-temperature/high-pressure water jets
  • Underplate structure easy to inspect and sanitize, designed to prevent the accumulation of water and dirt residues
  • Load plate suitable for use in contact with food; dimensions: see table
  • Fully-welded IP69K stainless steel load cell, specific for use in wet environments, OIML approved
  • Non-slip feet for environments with strict hygienic requirements
  • Fully inspectable and washable column
  • Extremely solid, made of very thick stainless steel sheets
  • Equipped with 5 overload stops


  • IP69K-certified weight indicator
  • Adjustable tilting
  • Special piezoelectric keypad extremely easy to clean, designed to last long in the food industry
  • Bright red LED display with adjustable contrast to ensure optimal weight display even at low temperatures and in poor light conditions
  • Weight control function via integrated traffic light or bargraph to adjust the weight (also external via output)
  • Extremely easy to program thanks to the dedicated keys to enter the target weight and control thresholds
  • Gore®PreVent® breather vent with GORE-TEX®


  • +/- weight control with target and programmable thresholds via direct keys
  • 3 available weight control modes:
    - "range" mode: the tolerance range is given by entering a minimum and a maximum weight (e.g. 900 to 1100 g)
    - "target" mode: the tolerance range is given by entering a target and two control thresholds
    (e.g. 1000 ± 100 g; 900 +30/-10 g)
    - "target %" mode: as target mode, but the weights are expressed in percentage (e.g. 2000 ± 5 %; 750 +3%/-2%)
  • Negative weight control for unloading weighing operations
  • Totalization (via external keys)
  • 50 quick recall memories archive, expandable up to 10000 using the WeighVault PC program.


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