Dolzan vertical packaging machines equipped with the Multihead weigher represent the optimal packaging solution to combine PERFORMANCE and DOSING PRECISION.

The Multihead weigher is suitable for dosing GRANULAR PRODUCTS such as coffee beans, biscuits, frozen products, rice, legumes, cereals, pieces of candy, snacks, grated cheese, vegetables, dried fruit, seeds, spices but also non-food products such as small metal and plastic parts and pet food.

The simultaneous dosing combination of the multi-heads allows to achieve high dosing precision and enables the combination of the COUNTING FUNCTION and the PRODUCT MIX FUNCTION.

Multihead weighers can be combined to different packaging units to completely customize the packaging system to suit the customer’s needs.

There are multiple customization options: embossing or Teflon coating of parts that come into contact with the product to increase the sliding capability of the product itself, possibility of integrating the nitrogen injection system into the machine to create a protective atmosphere, ladder equipped terrace for facilitated cleaning and inspections operations.

Vertical packaging machine for granular products

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