FPS is proud to introduce the first isolator with integrated vocal commands.

Containment systems allow the operator to handle highly toxic (HAPI and HPAPI) or sterile powders safely and efficiently. One of the main processes performed inside the isolator is the handling of powders (e.g. dispensing activities or reactor loading...). During these phases the operator must open & close doors and process valves.

In order to speed up process time and to facilitate the work, FPS was looking for a new technology that would allow the operator to perform different activities without ever having to take his/her hands out of the glovesto access the HMI. FPS wanted to make the work easier and faster. 
Hence the collaboration with Siemens that led to the integration of voice command technology in isolators. The objective of the project was to create a machine that facilitates the work of the operator, reduces process time and increases productivity, while maintaining safety standards. 

The proposed solution uses the new HMI Wincc Unified Comfort Panel, the latest technology by Siemens, combined with a Siemens NanoBox IPC. This allows the use of cutting-edge applications such as: applications for the control and verification of air/gas consumption, preventive and predictive maintenance and the implementation of voice commands. These edge applications can be managed in parallel in a fluid way and it is possible to create an ad-hoc system on the customer's needs, optimizing the development time.

The main advantages are:

  • optimization of process times
  • increased productivity
  • less repetitive stress for the operator
  • reduction of the risk of breakage of some components
  • very affordable feature
  • can be implemented for various applications

This FPS innovation will revolutionize containment and will allow operators to work without frequent stops!

You can try if for yourself on the isolator with voice commands at our MEC (Micronization Excellence Center).

Power Voice System - The world’s first VOICE ACTIVATED ISOLATOR

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