GOSTOL Smart Bakery Line

complete control of processes, equipments & products

Modern equipment for food production and processing is increasingly technically and technologically advanced. If this means more efficient production, it also means more complications when a failure occurs.

Are we able to detect any equipment problems in time? Is it possible to avoid high repair costs and the consequent production downtime? How can we extend the useful life of machinery and optimize their operation throughout their entire life cycle?

To solve all these questions, GOSTOL has developed a web portal called GOSTOL Smart Bakery Line. By digitizing the entire production line or even just the individual machines, it is possible to manage and control the production processes and plan the maintenance of the machinery.

It allows you to have a complete report of the energy consumption on the line and the respective consumption data for electricity, gas, compressed air and steam. At the same time, it shows a complete view of the energy recovered on GOSTOL automatic lines.

It provides information on the efficiency of machinery operation, product quality and the consumption of raw materials during processing.

Diagnostic reports contain a real-time display of alarms and warnings on the line. At any time, customers can view the malfunctioning devices, the working hours of the machines, the documentation and the instructions for use.

Maintenance service connected with the digitized bakery line includes access to remote support 24/7. Clients can order spare parts online quickly and easily. In this way, GOSTOL Smart Bakery Line works as an advanced tool to create a complete maintenance strategy capable of keeping the machines in the best conditions and perpetually working and consequently having an optimal production process.

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