GREEN PUFF is composed by 2 independent presses, powered by compressed air and electricity, which are placed on a structure with pivoting wheels and a drawer in the lower part to collect production waste.

All the movements of the machine are pneumatic and ensure the necessary power to expand a lot of variety of cereals and/or pellet with a high expansion quality and texture.

Each machine is managed by a PLC and from the touch control panel you can set all the working parameters, save the recipes, check cycle data and warnings thanks to an efficient diagnostic system.

The installed Software includes the possibility to choose what to produce between CAKES or SNACKS just setting the parameters on the control panel before starting the cycle.

The material used for the forming mold is the tempered steel, coated with titanium nitride (TIN or Tinite), in order to ensure a long life and to reduce fouling during production.

The moulds, as all the other parts which are in contact with food, are realized with food-grade certified materials.

The heating of the moulds is carried out using special heaters and temperature is controlled through to a PLC. On request we can install separate temperature regulators.

GREEN PUFF - Puffing machine for puffed cereal cakes and non-fried snacks

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