The request from the pharmaceutical market of products made with API’s and HPAPI’s makes necessary the realization of protection systems that allow the manipulation of these substances in complete safety.

The different needs of the pharmaceutical market require a flexible approach that can solve specific problems. We design and build custom Isolators that allow the safe handling of API’s and HPAPI’s both in a safe area and in an explosive atmosphere.

Our Isolators are made of a monolithic structure  of  stainless  steel  aisi  316L  and  they are dedicated to the handling of API’s and HPAPI’s in solid form (OEB5  and more).
 · Pneumatic seals and pneumatic interlock
· Bottom drain for washing liquids
· Fluid and cable passages 
· double Hepa H14 input and outlet filter unit
· Connection with reactors or other process machines
· PLC touch screen controller (CFR21)
· Optical and acoustic alarms
 · Fixed decontamination system (CIP)
· Manual decontamination system (spray gun)
· Continuous liner for solid waste discharge with interlocking door
· Rapid Transfer Port 
· Other accessories on request
· F.A.T, S.A.T., IQ, OQ, Leak Test, Smepac Test, technical assistance  after-sale

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