Cartoning and casepacking machines
Carton forming machines
Casepacking - forming, filling, closing machines of cardboard boxes
Pack-binding machines
Taping machines
Strapping machines
Wrapping machines
Complete wrapping without welding: fold wrapping, twist wrapping
Partial wrapping with banding, sleeve wrapping, bundling
Wrapping machines for multipacks in cardboard strip
Wrapping machines for single boxes or cases in paper or film
Heatshrink machines
Bundling-wrapping machines
Banding machines
Palletizers, depalletizers, machines to secure loads
Wrapping machines for palletised loads in stretch film
Palletizers - by fixed or mobile base
Palletizers - by cartesian axes
Robots for palletization
Labeling, printing and marking systems
Labelers with autoadhesive labels
Barcode readers
Readers for RFID tags
Print & apply for parcels
Print & apply for RFID labels
Print & apply for pallets
Label inspectors detectors
Vision systems for labelling
Containers handling machines
Multipacks handling machines
Pick & Place - manipulators, robots for small packs, products
Systems for accumulation and connection between packaging machines
Inspection and control devices
Check weighers
Caps control devices
Metal detectors
X-ray selectors
Optical selectors
Waste systems for faulty containers, bottles, tin cans and packages
Auxiliary equipment
Automatic machines for the assembly of packaging components (e.g. closures, capsules, etc.)
Internal handling for processing and packaging
Continuous conveyors and transporters
Pallet turner
Picking lines
Conveyor belts
Conveyor belts (components for)
Air conveyor belts for bottles
Mechanical conveyor belts for bottles
Vertical conveyor belts (continuous, beakers, etc.)
Slat conveyors
Complete lines, processing machinery and equipment for food industry
Bakery products lines and machinery
Automation and control systems
Process automation and control systems
Automation and control systems
Industrial robots
Factory automation robots
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