The machine allows the drying of short and long pasta , as well as the drying of pasta resulting from the pasteurization treatment. The treatment can last from 10 to 24 hours depending on the size and size of the dough.
The dryer is made of zinc-plasticized steel plate hypoallergenic (FOOD APPROVED) on the outer walls with polyurethane foam that ensures greater insulation and better soundproofing and greater strength to the entire structure.

The control panel with PLC and is equipped with thermostat and humidifier for the automatic regulation of humidity, temperature and ventilation values. The drying cycle is guaranteed by automatic moisture ejectors via electromechanical valves connected to the electronic control system. The ventilation is low noise and equipped with cyclic for the intermittence and reversal of the fans; the air heating can be with:

E – electrical resistors
BA – hot water battery

Drying cells for pasta makers

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