The buckets elevators and conveyors of the series ALFA and BETA meet the different needs of transpor t and lifting of the food industry, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and hygiene.
The high reliability, robustness and ease of use make it the ideal equipment for installation in process lines, loading of silos systems, feeding of packaging
systems, general handling of granular products, fragile products, etc…
Thanks to the modular construction it is possible to achieve several layouts: Z - C - ring, horizontal, special shapes.
The supporting structure is made with bolted elements to obtain a lightweight, yet rigid and stable construction, which minimizes the stagnation of dusts inside the machine.
The transport system is made of chains in high quality and strength steel, pre-stretched in pairs to ensure a perfect alignment of the buckets and lubricated with oils complying with food standards. In the horizontal sections the chains slide within
appropriate guides made of plastic self-lubricating material, housed in aluminium cases on spacers; this assembly, stable and secure with any load and travel
speed, ensures a highly hygienic transport in all conditions; furthermore, in the horizontal sections there are trays to collect any accidental fall of drops
of lubricant in order to avoid the risk of contamination of the transported product.
The buckets are available with different standard widths: 300, 500, 700 mm
and can be made of: food grade ABS resin, food grade ABS resin and AISI 304 stainless steel mesh, food grade ABS resin detectable by a metal detector and AISI 304 stainless steel.
The buckets are provided with sprockets for the discharging product, easily interchangeable, which allow 360° rotation of the buckets.
Product loading into the buckets takes place without any loss thanks to the complete overlap of the edges of the buckets and by means of suitable
sealing shoes, which laterally enclose the loading zone.
Motorization is realized by gearmotors fitted with adjustable mechanical clutch and electronic rotation control, for the protection against overloads.
A single fixed unloading point or multiple unloading points with electro pneumatic control can be installed on each machine.
Each loading and unloading point is provided with a special stainless steel hopper to receive the product, realized so as to gently convey the inbound or outbound product.
The bucket elevators or conveyors can be supplied complete with electrical or electromechanical control panel managed by PLC; if necessary, the following items are provided: inverters for speed variation, electronic encoders to manage loading, unloading, return of full buckets, possibility of simultaneous unloading at two points.

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