The sieves of the series SB are specially designed to meet the diverse needs of cleaning, separation, dedusting and calibration of a wide range of products such as: short dry pasta, couscous, fresh and stuffed pasta, pasta nests, dried fruit, cookies,
snacks, rice, corn-flakes, coffee or tea, pet food, seeds, dried vegetables, ensuring maximum efficiency and hygiene.
The high qualities of reliability, robustness and ease of use make it the ideal equipment for installation in process lines, plants for silos and feeding of packaging systems.
Robust and reliable even under heavy loads and heavy duty applications, they are able to ensure large carrying capacities with heavy or poorly flowing products, with continuous operation.
The sieves of the series SB can be configured in dual or single level of sieving to meet any use requirement.
In the dual-level version, the separation of “too big” product occurs in the upper mesh, while the removal of fragments, breakages or powders occurs in the lower mesh.
In the single-level version, separation of fragments, breakages or powders only occurs in the lower mesh.
Unlike other systems on the market, the sifting of the product takes place by exploiting the whole length of the mesh, in order to obtain an excellent and effective cleaning of the product.
The suppor ting structure is realized with thick metal sheets and beams in carbon steel or stainless steel, resulting in a solid and robust construction and ensuring a perfect suppor t base for the sieving meshes.
The sieving system is based on the unidirectional oscillatory movement of the channel, driven by a camshaft mounted on cast iron suppor ts with double-row ball bearings, steel connecting rods, three-phase motor and slats in layered synthetic
material with high elastic response.
The drive system forces the product in transit to make a continuous series of “micro jumps”, pushing the product to advance and easing the separation of foreign matters from the selected product; this system is indisputably the best system in terms of efficiency and guarantee of result.
The sieving meshes, as all the par ts in contact with the product, are made of AISI 304 stainless steel; they are available in a wide range of versions with holes or meshes so as to satisfy every possible processing need.
The replacement of the meshes takes place quickly and without the need of tools, thanks to the practical and exclusive locking system consisting of lever handles fitted with compensation springs.
The sieves of the series SB are available in different widths and lengths so as to satisfy multiple carrying capacity needs.

Cleaning Sieves

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