The continuous and uniform distribution or transpor t of bulk or packaged products such as: shor t pasta, couscous, sweets, chocolates, snacks, breakfast cereals, dried fruit, legumes, pet food etc… is very often a prerequisite to ensure the proper operation and to optimize the performance of process or packaging machines, in order to reduce the formation of product heaps, distributing and fluidizing
homogeneously the product.
The vibrating channels Series CAV, DIVRA and DE can be used in a wide range of
applications: discharge of process lines, extraction from silos or accumulation
hoppers, loading of bucket elevators, distribution on belts, product receipt at 90°
and on-line distribution, product distribution on trays, feeding of packaging machines, etc…
Available in different widths and lengths, with high carr ying capacities, thanks to the
transpor t channel made of stainless steel AISI 304 completely smooth on the inside, the vibrating channels of the series CAV, DIVRA and DE turn out to be extremely hygienic, since they have no product stagnation zones within the channel and are practically maintenance-free.
For the series CAV and DIVRA, the handling system involves the use of motorized vibrators with eccentric masses, mounted on a sturdy frame fitted with tilt and
position adjustment, in order to achieve a perfectly uniform vibration over the entire
length of the channel.
The suspension of the channel involves the use of elastic suppor ts so as to optimize the operation of the motorized vibrators with eccentric masses and to minimize the vibrations transmitted to the structure.
The suppor t structure may be in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel or in painted iron; the transpor t channel is always in AISI 304 stainless steel.
The electromagnetic vibrating channels of the series DE are used for the continuous and uniform distribution or dosage of bulk or packaged products, on short distances.
Usually combined with accumulation hoppers of the series FH, they are also used for big- bag emptying, feeding of scales, feeding of bucket elevators, etc…
The handling system involves the use of an electromagnet placed under the channel,
mounted on a heavy cast iron base.
An electronic control board allows easy adjustment of the intensity of the vibration,
so as to adjust the carrying capacity.

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