The main purpose of a long pasta transpor t system is to connect the exit of a production line or of a storage silo with one or more automatic packaging
In the realization of a long pasta transport system, however, some impor tant factors should be taken into account: high fragility of the product, high volumes of product to be transpor ted, speed of the packaging machines to be fed and the difficulties in
changes of direction.
The bucket elevators and conveyors series ALFA and BETA, described above, meet the differents needs of transport and lifting, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and hygiene.
The transport system uses chains in high quality and strength steel, pre-stretched in pairs to ensure a perfect alignment of the buckets and lubricated.
Product transpor t buckets are available in two versions, both with 300 mm width, but of different capacity (2.5 lt and 5 lt) and can be made in food grade ABS resin or food grade ABS resin detectable by metal detectors.
The buckets are provided with sprockets for the discharging of the product, which allow 360° rotation and the total discharge of the buckets.
Product descent or loading of bucket elevators and conveyors occurs by means of stainless steel lowerators, appropriately shaped to ease the descent of the product even in case of high carrying capacities, without breakages; special motorised
vibrators ensure smooth product descent without interruption. Product collection devices from extruders or statical helical rotation devices allow 90° rotation of the product in a small ver tical space. The product coming from the lowerators is suitably dosed into the transit buckets, via the loader of the series DSNL, which allows constant bucket loading, minimizing product breakage during dosage and
ensuring a very high discharge capacity.
The system used also allows the removal of any fragments and crumbs of pasta, thanks to the sliding plane equipped with special openings.
Pasta transpor t takes place via double-toothed belts and is dosed via blades synchronized with the motion of the belts so as to avoid blade crossing in the middle of the product during dosage.
Blade drive is via guides sliding on ball circulation sleeves, controlled by pneumatic pistons, so as to minimize mechanical effor ts and increase the service life of the components.
Transpor tation and dosage system management takes place through electrical control panels managed by PLC and equipped with speed inverters and electronic encoders to manage the stages of loading, unloading, management of filled buckets
return, etc…

Long-Cut Pasta Doser

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