T-Trade Group: production of the entire labeling chain

From thermal transfer ribbon to labels, from printers to technical assistance: we design and produce everything you need in-house.

T-Trade is a Group of Companies that design and produce complete solutions for labeling, industrial marking and packaging, with a Green Philosophy that has always guided their choices. 

Production of Thermal Transfer Ribbons - Production of Neutral Adhesive Labels and up to 8 colors - Production of Linerless Rolls - Production of RFID Labels - Production of BIO film labels 

Production of Print & Apply Standard and Print & Apply Linerless (Patented printers, with great eco-sustainable and digital impact) - Software Development and Production

Each of our products is the result of research, development and important investments that have led us to be recognized by the market as one of the most important and innovative companies in the field of "Eco-Sustainable Labeling and Packaging". 

T-Trade Group: Borgoricco (PD) - Falconara M.ma (AN) - Rovereto (TN) 

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