Save time and money with the new Twin Forks weighing system from Dini Argeo, for forklifts

Save time and money with the new Twin Forks weighing system from Dini Argeo, for forklifts

Increase efficiency and optimization of storage phases with Twin Forks, the accessory that transforms the forklift into a mobile scale and allows you to track every movement within the warehouse.

Twin Forks are Dini Argeo's new weighing forks, which are easy to install on the forklift and remove when needed. They are made of thick steel to be sturdy and withstand accidental impacts and are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for data transmission to the indicator in the cabin.

Why turn your forklift into a mobile scale?

By installing the new Twin Forks weighing forks, you will be able to use your forklift as if it were a mobile scale and thus:

- Weigh directly on the spot, eliminating shifts to the traditional scale
- Optimize the work in the warehouse, reducing long waits
- Increase safety at work, avoiding overloading of the cart and shelves

Why choose Twin Forks by Dini Argeo?

  • Thanks to the wireless technology, they are easy to install on the forklift.
  • They guarantee a long working autonomy thanks to the lithium battery and the smart energy saving that activates the scale only when used.
  • They are extremely durable and the load cells are designed to withstand loads over 300% capacity.
  • Twin Forks are available in an approved version for use in legal-for-trade applications and with an optional printer for greater traceability of the weighs carried out.
  • Equipped with automatic on/off switching of the forks for greater energy savings.
  • The Twin Forks have four stainless steel, approved Dini Argeo load cells with IP68 protection to guarantee the best weighing performance.
  • Delivered in a sturdy wooden case, included as standard in the supply, made to measure, for complete protection from shocks and scratches during transport.

Weighing Features

Maximum lifting capacity: 2.500 kg

Resolution: 1 / 2 kg (internal use); 2 / 5 kg (CE-approved)

Accuracy: +/- 2 kg (internal use); According to Directive 2014/31/EU (CE-approved)

Temperature of use: -10° … +50° (internal use); -10° … +40° (CE-approved)

For more information on Twin Forks and forklift weighing solutions click here or contact your local dealer.

Dini Argeo is an Italian company of the Rice Lake Weighing Systems group, an international leader in the weighing industry. Dini Argeo has more than 100 years of experience in the industry and offers a wide range of weighing solutions for every need. 

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