Dini Argeo pallet truck scales: logistics at your fingertips

Do you need to weigh goods handled on pallets quickly and in total safety? Dini Argeo TPW series pallet truck scales are the right solution for you.

Dini Argeo offers a complete range of rugged, functional and high-performance pallet trucks to meet the weighing needs in any type of working environment: from warehouses, production departments, receiving and shipping of goods, to environments with high hygiene requirements, such as food industries, chemical industries, laboratories and use in hazardous areas.

Why choose a pallet truck scale?

The pallet truck scale is a real mobile scale that combines the classic function of handling with the weighing function of the scale. Dini Argeo pallet truck scales allow you to quickly and accurately weigh any type of product on pallets directly where it is needed, to control incoming and outgoing goods and to avoid overloading the shelves. You can say goodbye to the old fixed platform, save time and space and reduce the repeated loading and unloading maneuvers.

TPW Dini Argeo range

Dini Argeo has recently renewed the entire range of TPW series pallet truck scales improving the weighing features and making them unique on the market. Choose them because:

✔️ They are the most accurate on the market, providing up to 200 g resolution as standard and 100 g optional.
✔️ They are available with capacities up to 2500 kg, to facilitate any handling operation.

✔️ They are rugged, built with solid carpentry to withstand accidental impacts. 


✔️ They are fully customizable to meet specific customer’s needs.

✔️ Thanks to the state-of-the-art indicator, integrated printer and available communication interfaces, TPW pallet trucks allow you to monitor loading and unloading phases, print receipts and quickly transmit all data to external computer devices.

Excellent quality, 100% made in Italy

Dini Argeo pallet truck scales are manufactured in Italy, in the Dini Argeo factory in Fiorano Modenese. 
Each pallet truck is tested and provided with a calibration certificate, as a guarantee of the declared accuracy.

For more information on the TPW series click here bit.ly/DiniArgeoPalletTruckScales and download the new catalogue:

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Dini Argeo is an Italian company of the Rice Lake Weighing Systems group, an international leader in the weighing industry. Dini Argeo has more than 100 years of experience in the industry and offers a wide range of weighing solutions for every need. 

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