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The experiences of our customers: CARAMELS F.A.A. (Made with love), based in Canada.

CARAMELS F.A.A.: We are currently contemplating to buy the largest Cucimix.

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Canada – Quebec
Settore: Food Processing

We are Sonia Robitaille-Jacob and Marie-Pier Noreau founders and proprietors of the company CARAMELS F.A.A. (Made with love), based in Canada.

CARAMELL F.A.A. is not only a company that produces spreadable caramel-flavoured creams, but also an inspiring story of 2 entrepreneur girls born in Quebec. From the ages of 12 we are the best of friends. Very individual yet complementary of each other.

Sonia and I have always had a propensity for entrepreneurship that has allowed us to start a business, and realize our great dream. You may have noticed the numbers: 21:11 on our brand. This has a very significant meaning for us. The story of our Company’s beginning in 2007, when Marie-Pier was on her way to University to take an exam. While talking to me on her mobile, she was hit by a car. It was 9:11 pm, when everything went out! Some myths call for people to make a wish at 11:11, for us the time was 21:11 … 911. In addition to consolidating our friendship, this epochal event pushed us to be adventurousness and make our dream come true.

Thus “CARAMELS F.A.A”, was born – Made with love.

A local company based in Quebec, dedicated to the production and the distribution of handcrafted caramel spreads of the highest quality. A production without preservatives, gluten free and without any trace of peanuts. Foods Prepared Certified in Quebec. An innovative company that’s able to satisfy the ever changing trends of Quebec consumers, offering a variety of caramel spread flavors: Original, Fior di Sale, Cocoa, Maple, Cinnamon, Indonesian Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Vodka, Cranberries, Ginger.

With 720 jars produced daily, we employ two full-time cooks. Our product distribution includes 250 stores in the Quebec City area, as well as the ability to shop on our e-commerce. An active presence on social media and the collaboration with 15 brand Ambassadors promoting the brand. We will end 2020 with a turnover of $ 450,000 our aim is to reach $ 1.5M in 2021.

The challenge for Caramels F.A.A.

Our aim is:

  • To reach $ 1.5M in 2021 through the construction of a new factory.
  • To export our products. Win people’s hearts and above all revolutionize the world of Caramel.

The Solution

To become the leader in our product category, to achieve this we need to optimize our production process. Working the caramel requires extreme precision in each step during the recipe phases. We chose Cucimix, because it realizes our needs.


Firex machines installed inside Caramels F.A.A.

Automated multi-puropose industrial cooker.

Autonomy, automation and replicability, Cucimix winning combination. Thanks to the mixer incorporated in the bratt pan, the cooker’s feather in the cap, Cucimix is every chef’s new best friend, able to handle each process independently and simply.

What the customer says

We have chosen Cucimix because it is able to optimize our processes. We have chosen Cucimix because it is able to realize our needs.

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