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P.E. Labellers and PackLab present at Ipack IMA | Pharmintec 2022 the MODULAR CM and PHARMALINE machines. Hall 4P - Stand B43

There could be no better showcase to present two such high-performance labeling solutions. The Ipack IMA | Pharmintec 2022 edition represents the ideal occasion to unveil all the features of these machines, so different from each other and so appreciated for the characteristics they present.


The MODULAR CM solution by P.E. Labellers is the latest addition to the P.E. range: launched on the market a few months ago, it is the new rotary labeling machine that is completely ergonomic and modular, with a layout that can be reconfigured quickly and easily.


Compact and solid, available in 4 sizes from small to medium, up to 6 labeling stations, the Modular CM has all the features to conquer many sectors that need a small to medium sized labeling machine, super flexible because it is completely modular, with a layout that can be reconfigured quickly and easily.

This new labeling machine lends itself to best meet the needs of wineries and bottlers who require labeling solutions even of small to medium size.

In addition to Wine&Spirits, Modular CM also satisfies the production needs of the Oil, Beer, Food&Dairy industries. 

It features labeling stations with pressure sensitive technology and cold glue, reciprocally interchangeable; they are replaceable in a few steps according to any production needs.

The Modular CM is a machine that provides the highest standards of safety for the operators: it has up/down protections that, when raised, instantly stop the machine's operation.


The PHARMALINE solution by PackLab is designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies with regard to the traceability of products.

Equipped with a sophisticated control and rejection system, this labeling machine prints labels and controls the quality of printing by discarding non-conforming labels before they are applied to the product, thus solving the problems related to the rejection of containers due to incorrect label printing and facilitating the traceability of discarded labels, in compliance with laws on pharmaceuticals.

Available for speeds up to 100 ppm, PHARMALINE is capable of applying a partial or wrap-around pressure sensitive body label to cylindrical containers.


Focus on companies



Founded in 1974 in Mantua (Italy), P.E. Labellers is a global leader in the design and manufacture of entirely modular and ergonomic automatic labeling machines. The developed solutions offer all available labeling possibilities, even reciprocally combined, through independent and interchangeable machines and stations. The company's lean production is inspired by the concept of total flexibility: with this Design Innovation approach, P.E. Labellers produces 450 machines each year, both rotary and linear, for the beverage, wine&spirits, food&dairy, but also personal&home care, pharma, chemical and pet food sectors. Today, 10,000 P.E. machines are installed worldwide and widely managed remotely thanks to continuous support and maintenance services. P.E. Labellers features a global dimension: 8 production sites distributed amidst Italy, US, Brazil and 500 employees all over the world. The company is part of the multinational group ProMach, a world leader in Packaging.




The company PackLab is specialized in the production of labeling systems with pressure sensitive technology

Founded in 1999 in Mantua (IT), in over twenty years it has been able to achieve a very high level of competence, such as to win primary references on a worldwide scale. Companies from all over the world rely on PackLab for their pressure sensitive application needs, in multiple manufacturing sectors: from Food to Cosmetic, from Chemicals to Pharmaceutical, from Packaging to Personal & Home Care.

The machines produced are modular, high-precision pressure sensitive linear labeling machines featuring many advantages.

First, total flexibility: the highly advanced technology allows to reach excellent standards even in the presence of sudden changes in production speed, so that they can easily adapt to the various needs of use.

Second, the wide range of offerings, which includes 16 lines of linear machines with different technical features and speeds, from 800 to 42,000 bph. In addition to labeling machines, PackLab's production range includes pressure sensitive stations 20 to 120 m/min and free-standing applicators, capable of positioning the adhesive label on various points of the product. In addition, the company offers the well-known "Print & Apply" system, extremely effective for product traceability, with the printing and application of the label on the end of the line and on the pallets. 

Thirdly, product versatility: PackLab machines are ideal solutions for all types of cylindrical and shaped containers of various sizes, from vials to kegs, from jars to glass and plastic bottles. Pressure sensitive applications have virtually no limits: front and back, sideways, wrap-around, top and down, non-stop and many types of specialty applications.

That's why both large multinationals and small and medium-sized producers find in PackLab an effective answer, whether they choose a standardized or a fully customized solution.

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