SARONNO (VA) / Italy
Hall 3P - Stand B164
Plastic heatshrink hoods
Laminated film
Barrier film
Plastic bubble film
Plastic stretch-film
Plastic heatshrink film
Neutral white film
Heatsealable film
Packaging nets
Primary packaging
Paper bags (small)
Bags in laminated material
Plastic bags (small)
Plastic barrier bags
Paper bags (large)
Plastic bags (large)
Industrial packaging
Big bags (bulk containers) for loose products transportation
Flexible containers for transporting materials in powder or grain form
Industrial bags
Package production: machines and equipment
Winding devices - rewinders for reels
Automatic winders
Filling systems
Dosing machines
Volumetric dosers for products in powder or granule form
Volumetric dosers for liquid products
Volumetric dosers for doughy products
Filling machines for cream product
Filling machines for liquid / viscous products
Filling machines for single dose product
Filling machines for solid / powder products
Volumetric filling machines
Sealing systems
Seaming - sealing machines
Bags closing machines
Welding machines
Thermo welding machines
Thermo sealing machines
FS Machines and integrated lines
Packaging (lines or machines) for pet-foods
Packaging (lines or machines) for foods
Packaging (lines or machines) for powder or grain foods
Packaging (lines or machines) for semi-liquid and creamy foods
Packaging (lines or machinery) for chemical or detergent products
Packaging (lines or machinery) for cosmetic products
Packaging (lines or machines) for confectionery
Packaging (lines or machinery) for pharmaceutical products
Filling machines for other containers
Bag-in-box filling machines
Filling machines for kegs and casks
Tub filling machines
Cans and pails filling and closing machines
Churns and drums filling and closing machines
Bags and pouches filling and closing machines
Filling closing machines for flexible packages
Bags filling and closing machines
FFS (form-fill-seal) and thermoforming machines
Form-fill-seal machines for sachets (Vertical FFS)
Form-fill-seal machines for big bags, vertical
Cartoning and casepacking machines
Carton forming machines
Casepacking - forming, filling, closing machines of cardboard boxes
Taping machines
Strapping machines
Wrapping machines
Complete wrapping with welding: bundling, shrink wrapper, stretch film wrapper, L-sealing, skin
L- shaped packaging machines
Heatshrink machines
Bundling-wrapping machines
Palletizers, depalletizers, machines to secure loads
Wrapping machines for palletised loads in stretch film
Wrapping machines for palletised loads in heatshrink film
Wrapping machines for packaging grouped in bundles with stretch film
Wrapping machines for packaging grouped in bundles with heatshrink film
Wrapping machines for packaging grouped in bundles with sealable film
Heatshrink ovens for palletized loads
Palletizers - by fixed or mobile base
Palletizers - by cartesian axes
Robots for palletization
Containers handling machines
Positioning and counting devices
Multipacks handling machines
Auxiliary equipment
Guns for heatshrink film
Strap tensioning devices
Internal handling for processing and packaging
Lifting devices
Continuous conveyors and transporters
Pallet turner
Systems and plants for warehousing
Conveyor belts
Complete lines, processing machinery and equipment for food industry
Volumetric and gravimetric filling machines food-preserving industry
Weighing plants for cereals and flours
Food industry vacuum and pressure conveying systems
Food industry flexible mechanical conveyors
Complete lines, processing machinery and equipment for pharmachem industry
Scales for pharmachem or cosmetic industries
Pneumatic systems and components
Contract services
Repair, maintenance and update (for machinery)
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